i smoked a cigarette
i got addicted to the feeling
of feeling good
of feeling fast
of feeling good fast

i'm not fast
my body is not fast
i wanted to see what it would feel like
to feel different
i got addicted to the feeling
of feeling different

then i stopped feeling fast
and just felt different
and then felt bad
it got bad fast
i got addicted to feeling bad

when the smoke cleared
i quit smoking
my body is not fast
i'm not fast
i'm only human


punks on transit, fuzzy syrup song
a song he sometimes sings
modern-day habits blues
rides on everything
bruise is lifelong
it's tiring


floating in sky
country looks tiny
somewhere there you are
grounded in the riff raff
looking upwards
feeling far.
fake poet wins millions
writes about steel and dull objects
plastic spoons and soiled underwear
with no message
dies happy.